Nick will work to create jobs in District 8 and throughout Maryland by supporting crucial investments in infrastructure, modern manufacturing, and training for the jobs of the future. Strengthening our roads, highways, and public transportation will create thousands of good paying jobs in our state, while prioritizing manufacturing and innovation will ensure that Maryland becomes a national leader in economic growth and development. Nick will fight for additional funding for road construction and resurfacing in District 8, especially along our busy commercial corridors like Belair, Harford, and Joppa Roads, while supporting investments in public transit to ensure every District 8 resident has access to quality transportation. Nick will also work to put people back to work by cleaning up our County. Too many parks, rivers, and streams are littered with trash. Nick supports a temporary employment program to pay unemployed workers to clean up and maintain places like the Gunpowder River and Loch Raven Reservoir.

Small Businesses

As the husband of a small business owner, Nick understands the challenges facing local owners and entrepreneurs. Nick will work to cut red-tape, streamline government services, and fight for a fairer tax code that prioritizes small businesses, not multinational corporations. Nick will fight for our local business owners and entrepreneurs, who work day in and day out to make an honest living and hire local workers, instead of supporting corporate welfare and giveaways to Fortune 500 companies.The key to a robust economy and a strong middle class is a small business environment that encourages new investments and hiring by local job creators. Instead of begging companies to come to Maryland, Nick will work across the aisle to support District 8’s unique and diverse business community, and to deliver results.

Expanding Opportunity

The pathway to the middle class comes through good jobs. Nick will work to ensure that every Marylander has the tools to succeed by supporting world-class public schools, guaranteeing a liveable wage, ensuring access to first-class health care, and working to support organized labor. Someone’s ability to make ends meet shouldn’t be determined by the zip code that they were born in, and Nick will always advocate to ensure that every Maryland joins in our state’s prosperity.


Maryland cannot afford to sit on the sidelines while our neighbors invest in the future. We should be a national leader in the jobs of the future by investing in clean-energy jobs, universal high-speed internet, and creating a pathway from schools to the workplace. These ideas will create jobs that are built to last, while raising the standard of living for all Marylanders. Nick will also work to ensure that District 8 receives its fair share of state tax dollars, so that we benefit directly from our investments. Nick supports universal pre-k, free community college, and more apprenticeship training opportunities for Baltimore County students, so that Maryland and District 8 lead the way in creating the best jobs in the 21st century.


As an Army veteran, Nick understands first hand the challenges for returning service members and their families. The economic hardships facing veterans are a real and pressing problem for Maryland, and Nick will ensure that those who served overseas have a voice in the House of Delegates. Specifically, Nick will work to support veteran-owned small businesses through tax credits and grants, expand in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities to the children and spouses of veterans, and establish a public-private partnership to create a jobs pipeline for our nation’s heroes.


School Construction

Every child deserves to receive a world-class education. Thankfully, Baltimore County and District 8 have some of the best schools in the state. But with more and more young families moving to the area, our schools are becoming over-crowded and our facilities are increasingly outdated. Nick will fight to secure state funding to build a new high school for northeast Baltimore County, while ensuring that our elementary and middle schools are also kept at the highest condition. Nick will also support legislation to renovate local schools like Loch Raven, Halstead Academy, and Overlea, all of which are facing growing student populations. Nick will work with local government to ensure that your tax dollars go towards ensuring the highest level of education possible for our students, which starts with the highest quality facilities.


Teachers are the backbone of our schools. The impact of a great teacher on a young student’s life and education cannot be overstated. Nick was raised by a public school teacher, and understands just how important they are to the future of Baltimore County, Maryland, and the United States. To ensure that we support our teachers and attract young people to join the profession, Nick believes that Maryland teachers should be the best paid and best supported in the country.

Community College & Vocational Training

Nick believes that every high school graduate should have access to the training and education necessary to get a good paying, middle class job. CCBC is one of the strongest community colleges in the country, and Nick will work to maintain robust funding to keep it that way. Additionally, Nick believes that every District 8 student, from Perry Hall to Overlea and everywhere in between, should be able to attend our local community colleges free of charge. This will help provide students with the tools and opportunity to succeed and climb the economic ladder. But not every student wants to attend a traditional college setting. That’s why Nick supports additional access to apprenticeship and vocational training for high school students and graduates. Electricians, plumbers, and carpenters are more in demand than ever, and young people should have the opportunity to learn those trades, and get access to stable employment.


Access to Care

The COVID-19 pandemic proved what many of us already knew: access to affordable, quality healthcare for everyone is an absolute necessity. Nick will continue Maryland’s commitment to protect quality affordable healthcare. He will work with leaders in Annapolis to build and expand our “Health For All” framework, provide greater accessibility to various healthcare options like dental care, and fight exorbitant prescription drug costs.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Nick will work to continue to fight for the landmark advancements made by the Maryland General Assembly. He will work to expand and strengthen telehealth options for mental and behavioral health treatment. He will work to expand equitable access to substance use disorder treatment and other behavioral health services. Above all, he will not waver on his commitment that everyone deserves access to help when they need it. Maryland deserves leaders who know that community works best when everyone can feel secure in their basic health and human needs.

Reproductive Justice

Nick believes in a woman’s right to choose and make decisions about her own reproductive life. While Maryland’s state legislature is majority pro-choice, we have seen a growing number of anti-choice and anti-family bills introduced in recent years. In the House of Delegates, Nick will be a steadfast champion for reproductive justice, making sure that our right to family planning, abortion services, and reproductive healthcare continues to be protected under the law.